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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Project for " Sains Kehidupan"

profesor madya dr. ruhizan

i need to see her tomorrow evening
around 3pm
its all about our final project
its sound terrible right
i think we need to organize a trip to go there n make some research about them
ergh....a lot of work to do
we only have 15 members
and we don't have much time
after that we need to make report and present it!
wanna to get A+
then we should work hard!
and I will have special memories about them
and I will never forget it


  1. ish..15 org tu rmi tu..boleh punyerrrr!gud luck

  2. mana ramai.....skrg dh tinggal 12 belas....waaaa xtau la jadik ke tak..hihihi

  3. sian dila. nape la xjoin je bokashi kn?
    mase g taman sutera tu, ade je ahli majlis mpkj yg sudi nk tlg tau.
    dr anizan yg promote kite.
    tp 2la, nk buat cmne kn, dr ruhzn kite pny pnsyarah. uhuk2.

  4. bukan dila xnak tah pening la gn prof tu..hihihi

  5. What activity did you do??...I just want to know...since I'm now under her as well...